22 ago. 2012

White hearts over blue / corazones blancos sobre azul

These nails were inspired on B for beautiful Nails design. I highly recommend you to visit her blog, which really have very nice designs and ideas. Thank you  very much for the inspiration!!

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B. dijo...

Dont say that you're unhappy with those nail, it's look really great :) Of course I have much biger nails, but here, You do it very well :) I hope You enjoy my previous and next nail design, feel free to inspire yourself in the future :)
kiss! :*
PS. I'm sorry, that my blog is not in english version... If this would help You in some way, You can translate my posts with widget on the right side of my blog.

Karoline dijo...

Hey I love this desing, that's so cute!

I'm following you right now !

Kisses :)

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